Vehicle Gun Safes: Ultimate Buying Guide & Reviews

Read along as we take a look at the best vehicle gun safes.

Do you often carry concealed weapons with you? If you said yes, then it is probably best if you get yourself a car gun safe today.

You might be probably thinking: Why should I buy a vehicle gun safe when I can just walk around with my firearm unnoticed on its concealed state?

Well, let me tell you something: There are some buildings like banks, churches or schools that do not allow firearms of the premises. So, surely you can’t just stroll around and risk the chances of anyone catching a glimpse of your concealed weapon and ultimately facing the penalties from the law.

But, of course, you do not want to just leave your firearm inside your car— unprotected while you go out and make some few errands, right? Well, in that case, a good vehicle gun safe is the best bet you have.


Why Do You Need a Vehicle Gun Safe?

Respect the Law

Concealed firearm carry laws are different for each state. But, most states require that you do not carry firearms in particular places like federal buildings, schools, and churches. Thus, if you enter such places with concealed firearms in you, you are actually breaking the law. With a vehicle gun safe, you are eliminating this very problem.

Prevent Theft

If you can’t carry your firearm all the time, then it is simply foolish of you to just leave it under the seat or wherever. If you think about the consequences of what would happen if your car was broken into and perpetrators found your firearms, stole it and used for something horrifying, then you would be in serious trouble!

Furthermore, if you have kids and left them unattended in your car and find where you have been hiding your firearm and play with it, then the consequences could be even worse than a thief stealing it since you would be held responsible for whatever might happen if your child discharged a round of that firearm in such harmful manner.

Well, all this drama can be avoided, if your firearm is safely stowed away in a vehicle gun safe.

When Travelling Interstate

The law forbids firearm from being hidden in the glove compartment or underneath a car seat. And if you are traveling interstate and are caught by some cops hiding your gun in any of these 2 spots, then they would certainly react in a not-so-welcoming manner.

Most states require you to keep your gun safe and in a place that cannot be accessed immediately. Thus, a vehicle gun safe is a must.

Protect Other Valuables

And while gun safe is literally used for safely storing firearms, it does not necessarily mean that you can’t hide any other valuables in it. As long as it fits, a vehicle gun safe can allow you to safely hide valuables such as money, phone or jewelry safely in your car as you go out to do some errands.

Suitable for Air Travel

No matter where you are heading, you cannot take your firearm with you on the plane. However, the TSA allows you to pack your guns in the checked luggage if they are stored in secure cases which cannot be easily opened.

This means that you will be able to store the gun safe in your checked luggage and nobody will ever say anything about it. Furthermore, you can use the gun safe’s security cable to attach the safe to your luggage in order to make sure that your firearm is not lost during security checks.


What To Look For In A Vehicle Gun Safe

Knowing exactly what you need in a gun safe for vehicles is important in order to choose the right one for you. Here are some of the things that you need to consider when deciding which gun safe is the best for you:


This is probably one of the most crucial aspects that you take note when you are choosing the best vehicle gun safe.

Firstly, you need to keep in mind the size of your gun that you will stowaway. For instance, if you have a good Walther P99, then you would not need a safe that takes a lot of car space. If you have a .375 Magnum, on the other hand, then you will need to get a larger safe.

Remember that the size of your firearm can greatly affect the size of a vehicle gun safe. Moreover, know that a larger safe is less accessible than smaller ones which can place in a more convenient place in case when you need to get your gun in an emergency situation.

Structural Integrity and Strength

Next to consider when shopping for a vehicle gun safe is its structural integrity and strength.

Choosing a low-end vehicle gun safe can provide you with the risk of cracking open after numerous attempts of someone trying to steal what is inside. Thus, it is better for you to go with a safe that is made out of really thick steel, preferably something that is 16GA or more.

Also, you would want a vehicle gun safe that is designed to be mission impossible for thieves and burglars to break it open.

Mounting Abilities and Options

For vehicle gun safe, there are basically 2 options if you want to mount your gun safe— bolted and cable mounted.


Choosing to have your safe dead-bolted into a place in your car is a much secure option when compared to the cable-mounted gun safe.

With a gun safe securely bolted, you can reduce the chances of your gun safe attracting prying eyes and stolen.

Bolted gun safe, however, do have a downside; that is there are only a few spots on a vehicle where you can mount your gun safe.


A cable mounted gun safe is very easy to install and is removable when compared to the bolted option. With a cable-mounted gun safe, you have more choice in terms of where you can mount your gun safe inside your car.

All in all, both mounting options have their own pros and cons. Cable mounted gun safe offers you more accessibility and location freedom, whereas the bolted option gives you more security.

The Locking Mechanism

With technology continuously growing and expanding its abilities, we have a lot of choices when it comes to safety mechanisms which offer more complexities and quite difficult to break into.

But you should know that more complex is not always better. If you own a gun safe at home which is designed to keep your guns locked away safely for long periods of time, then a gun safe with a very complex security system is not so bad after all.

But, when it comes to choosing a vehicle gun safe’s locking mechanism, there are 2 things that you need to consider:

Do you want to keep your firearms safely stored away for a really long road trip?


Are you taking your gun with you for some security reasons?

Well, in case you are carrying your gun for security purposes, then a vehicle safe with mechanical locking mechanism should be your best option since they take less time to unlock, open and take your gun out.


Common Locking Mechanisms for Vehicle Gun Safes

Mechanical Combination Locks

Vehicle gun safe which uses a mechanical combination lock is a great way to secure your firearm inside your car. Such locks are reliable and sturdy, and breaking them will take a lot of time. And in terms of guessing the right combination, a 3-digit lock gives you 1,000 probable codes, so a thief can actually spend hours trying to break the code and still won’t succeed.

The only downside of using a mechanical combination lock will take time to open the safe. If you are in such a dangerous situation, then getting the right combination might take valuable time.

Keyed Locks

Keyed gun safes use locks which require a key in order to open it. Some of these safes use traditional keys; others use round-shape keys. Nevertheless, all of them offer the same pros and cons.

Keyed locks provide a reliable and safe way to open your gun safe. You can always have a key close at hand and unlocking your gun safe’s door is easy enough. Keyed locks are reliable since they do not need any electricity or power to run and rarely get jammed. On the downside, inserting keys can be a little too hard especially on an emergency situation when your hand starts to get a little tense and the possibility of forgetting or losing the keys itself. If this happens to you then you can get a locksmith madison heights out to help you get back into your safe.

Electronic locks

Electronic locks are becoming more popular and efficient. One of the main advantages of an electronic lock is that it is very user-friendly. You do not need any combination or keys to unlock your gun safe. You just need to memorize your access code and enter it in order to unlock the safe.

There are some models that feature a rechargeable battery, while some come with an AC adapter in order to ensure that the safe is secures and has power all the time.

Its downside is the risk of running out of batteries. And when this happens, you will find yourself unable to open your own vehicle gun safe.

Biometric Locks

Some latest vehicle safe models use biometric locks, and even though these locks might seem technologically advanced, they might also prove useless and troublesome at times.

Using a biometric gun safe is probably one of the quickest ways to open your gun safe. You do not need to fumble in finding your keys or punch in codes, you only need to press your finger against the scanner and your safe will be unlocked.

The downside is that biometric locks are not always reliable. Even though a biometric scanner can save 20 fingerprints or more, they just do not work all the time. You might find yourself pressing your finger on the scanner and the scanner will simply not recognize it. Also, this type of lock requires batteries in order to run. So you might have a problem like that of electronic locks.



Vehicle gun safes do not offer the same level of security like major full-sized gun safes found at homes. Thus, most gun safe companies do not offer you the same warranty for vehicle gun safe and will most likely offer you a 1-year warranty only.

In some cases, there are those that do not offer any warranty at all. And in case you encounter such a situation, please do yourself a favor and skip that option. Just go and look for a vehicle gun safe which offers at least a year of warranty.


Top 5 Best Vehicle Gun Safes

SnapSafe 2-Pack Keyed Alike Lock Box

Snapsafe lockbox vehicle gun safeThis secure pack of 2 lockboxes is at the budget end of the market. It is a key-only version and is designed for more storage of valuables such as tablets, passports, medications, cash, and jewelry other than guns.

At 10x7x2 inches, this is a sizeable gun safe and is made of 16 Gauge durable steel which meets s the standard requirements for firearm safety. Its lock system is by a standard key and although it is not the most secure one out there, it is the easiest to use. Plus it also comes with pry-resistant features.

This vehicle gun safe from SnapSafe is cable-tied and its cable is guarantee-tested to 1500 lb for added protection and security and is the strongest one there is. This safe, however, has no option for bolt without damaging the box itself. But I’m pretty sure that you will be delighted to know that this particular vehicle gun safe has a lot of positive reviews online.


  • Well Priced
  • Strong cable tie
  • Pack of two
  • More space for other valuables


  • No option for bolt mounting

GunVault Nano Pistol Safe

gunvault nanovault 200 pistol safeTalk about compact and secure design, this vehicle gun safe from GunVault is the ideal lightweight and compact firearm safe for your vehicle. It is also a good option if you are looking for easy access to firearms.

With such neat and small design, the vehicle gun safe can be stored away in several areas inside your car than other vehicle gun safes. It comes with a security cable, meaning it can be mounted and secured to a particular area of your choice.

The GunVault NanoVault has also a key lock mechanism which provides quick access to your firearms. However, this also means that you need to keep your key readily at hand in case you need to get your gun. This vehicle gun safe comes with 2 keys, so it is best that you keep your spare key safely hidden.

Lastly, this gun safe boasts a frame constructed with 18 gauge steel and meet the standard guidelines and requirements of the TSA in case you need or want to take your guns with you for a flight.


  • Quick access
  • Lightweight construction that only weight 3 lbs.
  • Has a compact design


  • Has a lousy lock
  • Some customers complain missing keys from shipped products

GunVault SpeedVault Handgun Safe

gunvault svb500 speedvault biometricThis is probably the best quick access vehicle gun safe. With an 18 gauge steel construction and lined with a protective interior this gun safe uses combination digital keypad together with fast activation drop-down drawer for fast access to your firearms.

It has high strength locking mechanism which provides reliability from time to time to ensure that your firearm is secure inside. Also, this gun safe has 2 back up override key for extra security and to make sure you can access your safe in any events.

The vehicle gun safe also features a courtesy light which is automatically activated when you open your safe to illuminate your handgun in low light situations. Additionally, it has interior foam to protect your firearms from damage and prevent any rattling sound. Lastly, it comes with a 9-volt battery so your safe will always have power in whatever situation.


  • Designed for easy access to weapons
  • Backup override key
  • Courtesy lights to illuminate under low light
  • Comes with 9-volt battery


  • Can only store a single weapon

Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock

Vehicle gun safeThe Bulldog Cases Car Safe is the most affordable solution option for those who want a long-term vehicle gun safe solution. What’s great about this vehicle gun safe is that it is ready with a security cable and a mounting bracket. The design is made to be near impossible to pry open because the hinges were built inside the safe.

This vehicle safe works by having the bracket mounted securely in an easy-to-access location or wherever you want to where you can slide the case in and out of the bracket. In terms of security and reaction, this vehicle gun safe has a quick and easy unlocking mechanism with the use if the key.

Furthermore, this gun safe stays secured inside of the bracket once it is slid back and cannot be removed unless it is unlocked with the key. Even with its compact and small design, this vehicle gun safe allows you to store a standard 9mm pistol or revolvers and will still have some space for spare mags.


  • Can be utilized with mounting bracket
  • Key lock mechanism allows easy access
  • Lightweight construction
  • Features a compact design


  • Can only accommodate small guns

SentrySafe 2 Pistol Capacity Safe

Sentrysafe 2 Pistol SafeThe SentrySafe 2 Pistol Capacity Safe is one of the highly rated vehicle gun safe from a well-respected company. SentrySafe have long established them as a high-quality gun safe manufacturer and only delivers the most reliable products on the market.

This vehicle gun safe is simple yet effective, featuring a one-key entry. You can store not only one but two small pistols or handguns inside. Also, this electronic gun safe has a quiet and quick entry with compression gas strut which opens the door silently and holds open for a single-handed access.

It features LED lights that are programmable to 20, 10 or 0-second interval to ensure visibility of gun safe even in the dark. This vehicle gun safe is complete with at-the-ready pistol presentation with override key for a convenient backup access. Lastly, the SentrySafe 2 Pistol Capacity Safe offers 1-year manufacturer’s warranty for risk-free buying.


  • LED lights
  • 2 pistol capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Convenient backup access


  • Buttons do not register all the time


There is no doubt that having the best vehicle gun safe is very important for most people. However, deciding which gun safe to get for your vehicle is never an easy task. And because there are so many options on the market today that boasts more or less the same specs but with different company names and price tags, choosing the right one for you is incredibly tough.

But if you are going to get a vehicle gun safe, I hope you choose one from our top list. If I may suggest, the SnapSafe 2-Pack Keyed Alike Lockbox is the best out of the 5 in our list. Not only does it allow quick and fast access, but its size also allows you to fit 2 firearms inside and will still have a lot of room for other valuables. Also, its really strong cable provides reliability and is the strongest out there. And boasting with a lot of positive reviews, you are guaranteed that the SnapSafe vehicle gun safe is tried and tested by people around the world.


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