Netgear Arlo Pro – A Smarter Security System

Home security just got a little bit smarter.

If you are looking for all-round protection of your home or property with a high quality indoor or outdoor security camera that is waterproof, completely wireless and easy to install the Netgear Arlo Pro is the obvious choice. Before you rush in and buy, however, you may want to see how it stacks up against other security cameras first.

The quality of the video captured is second to none; it’s a high-end camera, and with an initial cost of about £300 for a base station and a single camera it’s definitely expensive. Look on the bright side once the camera is installed it’s very efficient and welcoming addition to your home’s security arsenal.

The new Arlo Pro is an upgrade from previous versions, and it comes with new features which include USB connectivity for video storage on a USB drive, rechargeable batteries and a base station which produces loud siren in case of emergencies.

The Arlo Pro’s apps are easy to use, powerful and has wonderful features that make the operation of the camera fast, hassle-free and efficient. Its compatible with other Arlo products making it a solid choice especially if you have a large property.

For this Arlo Pro review, we will have an in-depth and detailed discussion of all the aspects of this security camera that will be crucial in your decision of whether to buy one or not.

Main Benefits of Arlo Pro

Rechargeable batteries

The camera uses rechargeable batteries making it easier to charge them whenever they run out of power, making it economical and saving a lot of money in the long run. On the other hand, you can also charge your battery without removing it from the camera.

If you are not of taking down your Arlo pro while charging then a charging station with extra batteries (sold separately) for easier swapping with full charged batteries enduring, there is all-around protection.

Flexible Power Options

The Arlo pro is versatile you can either use a battery or plug it into an AC socket. Always ensure to use the power cable and adapter inside as they are not weatherproof.

Key Features


Netgear Arlo Pro is 3.1 x 2.8 x 1.9-inch wide with an attractive and elegant ovoid-shaped design which has an all-white smooth and curved body with a bevel and blacks lens which closely resembles its previous version the Netgear Arlo. The camera’s housing is made up of a strong magnet making it easier to be attached to any metal surface

The camera neither has a base or leg giving it a low profile making it easier to hide from other people. To conceal it even further you can purchase black silicon skin for $25 which can also protect it from the sun.

The Arlo pro also has eight night-vision infrared LED lights that are located around and above the lens forming a rectangular semicircle. Also in front of the camera indicator LED that blinks and change color providing valuable information on hardware updates, syncing and battery level.

Unlike other Arlo cameras that use disposable batteries, this camera is powered by 2440-mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to 6 months on a charge while for charging it has a separate dock and it comes with an 88-inch cord that can be plugged into an AC socket.

It also has a white base station which is wired to your network using a 6-foot LAN cord providing stable WI-FI connectivity to your network, at the back of the base station 3 USB ports can be plugged in and act as external storage drive saving your video footage locally.

Video and Audio Quality

Despite only having a 720p sensor, the Arlo’s provide video content on excellent quality, contrast, and realistic colors. Coupled with 130 degrees’ field of view you will never be disappointed with the video footage.

The Arlo also offers zoom functionality and digital pan which uses 8 infrared LED lights providing a clear night vision of up to 25 feet. Both the speaker and microphone are located on the bottom of the security camera allowing it to capture clear and audible video sounds with perfect volume.

Its in-built speaker has adequate volume making it easier for people to communicate while in different rooms. Its microphone can broadcast video sound of clear clarity and high volume from different positions of the house directly to your phone or computer.

Sound detection and motion

Sound detection and intelligent motion of the Arlo pro is event-based, and it comes with four modes: Geofencing, Schedule, Armed and Disarmed. You can also add customized modes according to your own preference and needs, here is the catch you can only activate one mode at a time for a single camera.

The Armed mode by default is triggered when there is movement or sound. In this mode in case intrusion, you can set it to record video, turn on siren, or you can set to do nothing. If you have set push notifications, alerts will be sent to your phone or a close-by individual for swift response. This is the perfect type of camera for places like self storage units that offer 24 hour monitoring with the help of high quality cameras like self storage Red Deer in order to give their customers piece of mind.

For custom mode there an additional feature which allows one camera’s sound detection or motion be recorded with another camera in the system. In scheduling mode, its flexible as the user is able to create different time periods that he/she want to be detected.

Lastly, the Geofencing mode can only be used on a mobile app. It tracks your location such that when you leave the house, it will automatically turn on motion and sound detection and afterward turn it off when you get back home.

arlo pro security outside

Cloud Storage

This camera is not fitted with a memory card slot for storage, but you can plug in an external drive via its USB port. If you want storage of old footages, you will require to have a cloud-storage plan at. First, it’s free.

For the basic plan, you will have 7-day storage of 1GB and recording of up to 5 cameras for free while for the premier plan you’ll be provided with 30 days 10GB storage for up to 10 cameras for just $9.99 a month and $99 a year.

If you buy the Elite plan, you will have 60 days of 100GB storage for up to 15 cameras for only $14.99 a month and $149 a year.

Smart Home Integration

The Arlo Pro can be easily connected to Samsung SmartThings which is compatible with all voice assistants from Amazon Alexa to Google assistant allowing you to view live feeds by just a simple voice command. How cool is that?

Arlo Pro Specifications

  • Power source- Rechargeable battery, power adapter
  • Resolution- 720p HD
  • Field of view- 130-degree
  • Alerts- Motion and audio
  • Third-party integrations- IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings
  • Smart Siren- 100+ decibel siren
  • Color- White


  • Easy and quick installation
  • Quality video capture
  • Good and clear audio
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Geofencing is automatically tied to your mobile’s location
  • Weather-proof design
  • Generous and good-value subscriptions


  • Has no option for continuous recording?
  • Access is restricted to only one device at a time for a single account
  • Limited sharing

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the available Arlo subscription?

The most impressive thing about the Arlo system is the ability to automatically save each video footage that is recorded to Arlo cloud. However, depending on how much video footage you want to be stored will depend on your subscription plan.

Is Netgear Arlo Pro worth it?

Absolutely, the Arlo pro has magnificent features, and with a battery capacity of 2440mAh, it can last to up to 6 months on a charge. No camera can top that.

Is it possible to reset my Arlo base station to the default values?

Yes, you can set default values by performing a factory reset, note however that all your customized setting will be erased as well as your Arlo’s account serial number.

Should I buy the Netgear Arlo Pro?

Yes, it’s one of the highest quality and finest security camera’s, its water and weatherproof ensuring 24-hour operation despite the weather conditions. With its powerful mobile app and economical subscription options, it’s a perfect buy

arlo pro security system


Overall Netgear Arlo Pro is one of the best that there is on the market. With this device, you can closely monitor both inside and outside your property without the need of cable connections or using an AC power source.

The Arlo pro is weatherproof and waterproof gone are the days you will constantly worry about your security being compromised due to bad weather, with this device you are assured of all-around security. With its smart home integration operation of the camera has been simplified through voice command

Due to its wireless capabilities, it can fit anywhere inside or outside the house ensuring it does not take a lot of living space. User friendliness is another aspect it’s easier to set up, and you can do it by yourself at home as long as you follow the manual instructions.

Check out the Netgear Arlo Pro


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