Neato Botvac D80 Robotic Vacuum

Our favorite robot vacuum.

Everyone who has pets at home knows that removing pet hairs is the hardest part to deal with in household cleaning. It is more brutal if you have a few pets. Imagine going on all fours with wet rubber gloves or some tape picking up every little hair on every nooks and crannies in your home; it can be too tiring. If you want to keep your pets and your sanity, that time consider buying a Neato Botvac D80.

What is an Automatic Vacuum?

Unlike the vacuum cleaner of the past wherein, you have to drag a plastic hose attached to a wheeled canister that looks like a big tortoise that should be in the Galapagos, vacuums have undergone major evolution. The vacuum of today is effortless; you do not need to lift your finger. This is still a new product category, but right now robot vacuums are available to remove pet hair, dust, and other undesirable debris on your floor. See this coredy r500 review to learn more about similar products on the market at the moment.

Why Should You Choose a Robot Vacuum?

Unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners, robot vacuums are stand-alone devices with Smart functions. Some of these vacuums have motherboards, sensors, lasers and even Wi-Fi to steer around the house unaided. In a few models, there is no need for interaction at all. Therefore, it is an autonomous house aid.

Most of the robot vacuums available have to charge docks and in some can even recharge themselves. If you place it in a robot accessible spot, it will automatically return to the dock when they run out of battery. Since it is a Smart device, you can set schedules on them and let them do their cleaning job while you are gone. That is a completely hands-free device.

Unlike in traditional vacuum cleaners that you have to empty the bags that contain dust, hair and other debris they collected, you do not have to this in a robot vacuum. All the robots have easy to remove dustbin. You simply have to eject it and empty it. If you have allergies, there are some with HEPA filters that will prevent allergens from dispersing into the air. This is particular useful if you are a pet owner, as it will reduce the symptoms of pet allergies for your family and those who come to visit. Robot vacuums are also amazing at collecting pet hair and dander. If you are unsure of robot vacuums then it might be worth reading some reviews of how effective they are at removing pet hair and cleaning hardwood floors, tiled floors and even carpets.

Neato Botvac Specifications

  • Item weight – 9 pounds
  • Product Dimensions – 12.7 X 13.2 X 3.9 inches
  • Manufacturer – Neato Robotics
  • Item Model Number – NEATO BOTVAC D80
  • Origin – USA
  • Batteries – 1 nonstandard battery require (included)

Important Features

  • D-shape Design
  • Auto-charge and resume
  • SpinFlow Power Clean
  • Extra-large bagless dirt bin
  • Cleans hard to reach areas
  • Automatic schedule cleaning
  • Laser Smart mapping and navigation system

neato botvac d80 robot vacuum out of box

The NEATO BOTVAC D80 is made by Neato Robotics, which creates this robot vacuum, as a start of a series of robot inventions made to perform with the same intelligence as humans.

This vacuuming robot is different from the rest in many ways but it most endearing feature is its ability to scoop up the tiniest animal hair easily. Its unique D-shape design allows it to cram itself very close to the corners and walls to get most of the hairs. It also comes with installed spiral brushes with Bristol and silicone blades, which helps in getting the hairs and tiniest dirt on hard floors for more efficient vacuuming.

The unique design in D-shape of this robot vacuum, NEATO BOTVAC D80, provides efficiency for the vacuum to navigate easily under the furniture and appliances in the house. With this shape, it can reach every corner and hard to reach areas of your home cleaning the hard to reach areas thoroughly. This configuration also allows the vacuum cleaner to move parallel to the wall allowing it to provide superior clean as compared to others.

The Neato BotVac D80 has a built-in patented Laser Smart technology, which gives the robot vacuum the ability to map out the room. With this information, it can choose the best cleaning path. The laser-guided system helps in floor mapping and the ability to detect objects in real time enables the vacuum to grasp the immediate environment and avoid smacking into furniture and obstruction in the house.

It has a cutting-edge SpinFlow cleaner, which enables the vacuum to suck up a variety of debris and dirt on the floor like breadcrumbs, pet hair and food particles. We have mentioned earlier that its expertise is on pet hair, but this robot vacuum is also appropriate for use in general cleaning too.

neato botvac in kitchen

When we say that Neato BotVac D80 is a smart machine, we mean it. No need to recharge this machine manually for when it detects that it is on its low power, the vacuum cleaner will stop and immediately goes back to its charging base. There it will automatically plug itself to the dock and begin charging. When the battery is full, it uses the built-in mapping technology and can go back to where it was cleaning before.

The Neato BotVac D80 has the largest dirt bin in robot vacuum realm. It can contain up to 700 ml, bagless so that it does not veer away from the design and structure. This dirt bin is located strategically in the robot vacuum making it effortless to clean. You simply need to slide out through the side or from under the device to dump out its contents. It is easy to do, no need for any technical expertise to operate it.

Aside from its exceptional performance in cleaning (systematic cleaning), this robot vacuum is also very convenient because it is capable of automatic scheduled cleaning. While this technology is certainly promising, it’s still very early days and has a long way to go before it’s adopted on a wide scale. Many still prefer the manual vacuum cleaner which is also evolving and improving over time too – see here to Visit site with useful information to help you decide on which stick or upright vacuum cleaner is worth getting. With this robot vacuum cleaner, you can have a cleaning schedule set in the machine for up to seven days. You can select the cleaning mode that you desire, and once the scheduled time has come, it will clean automatically. After cleaning, it will go back to the docking station to wait until next session programming.

The amazing design of Neato Botvac D80 allows this vacuum to clean the surfaces thoroughly. It can even come as close to 10 millimeters from the wall. The brush is a half size larger than the brush of most robot vacuums, which means cleaning with this machine is definitely more satisfying.

Because this robot vacuum cleaner is able to clean almost all surfaces, it has made a huge influence with many customers particularly with hard floors on their homes. Its ability to clean under the furniture and alongside it is also a plus. Because it can pick up most of the tiny hairs, it is the preferred vacuum cleaner of pet owners. However, few customers who bought the product have complained about its durability as some have broken down after a short period of use while others are complaining about its noise.

These unexpected breakdowns are covered by warranty; you can return the item to the seller and let them fix the problem. As for the excessive noise, it might indicate some problems with the motor. You can also check if this is included in the warranty.


  • It is a mid-priced robot vacuum under the Neato brand
  • Will not scratch furniture
  • High-performance filter
  • Can work close to the edges and around the furniture
  • 60-minute runtime


  • No Wi-Fi capability
  • No Turbo/Eco and carpet boost mode
  • A little noisy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you recommend this robot vacuum for tile floors?

Yes. You can use this vacuum cleaner for your tiles floors.

  • Is this vacuum cleaner compatible to clean high pile of carpet surface?

Yes. This vacuum cleaner can clean carpets but it does not have the carpet boost mode, so do not be too optimistic that it can thoroughly clean your carpets.

  • What comes in the box when I purchase this robot vacuum cleaner?

Your purchase of Neato Botvac D80 comes with the vacuum, a charging base, the combo brush, a power cord, the spiral Blade Brush, High-performance filter, Side brush, filter cleaner, brush cleaning tool, boundary markers, and the Lithium-ion battery.

  • How do you operate the Neato Botvac D80?

Using the Neato Botvac D80 is very easy, you just need to press the start button (House) to get it going, and the cleaning cycle will begin. Press SPOT for cleaning small surface areas.

  • What are the cleaning instructions for this vacuum cleaner?

To keep this vacuum cleaner in good running condition all the time, you need to empty the bin, keep the filter clean, and clean the extractors when you see that it slows down its ability to pick up debris.

Final Verdict

We give the Neato Botvac D80 a score of 8 out of 10 stars. This is one of the best robot vacuum cleaners in the mid-range price point available today not only because of the great price but also because of its powerful performance.

If you have pets at home and if you want to keep your home free from allergens, you must have Neato Botvac D80. Its strength is its ability to reach the corners and tough spots to give them a thorough clean, and you can program a cleaning schedule in this device for one week. It also offers the convenience of not charging this device manually. It automatically returns to its docking base when it has low battery and resumes cleaning once it has charged its batteries.

There are a few drawbacks though like, it is a little noisy and it lacks the cleaning modes like carpet boost found in other vacuum cleaners. In the end, its solid performance overshadows these few cons. If you’re interested in more vacuum related products check out Clean Home Guide.

neato robot vacuum living room



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