Wifi Thermostat Showdown: Which is Best?

Which Wifi Thermostat is the best?

Thermostat technology has come a long way over the last few years. By today’s standards, the analog thermostat in your parents house is an ancient relic. Recent developments in wifi thermostats have really brought home temperature control into the future. The best wifi thermostats on the market today are equipped with smart features like self-learning, auto-scheduling, and temperature control via phone or tablet. Read on as we take a look at some of the most popular wifi thermostats on the market. We’ll breakdown the best features of each model including their design, programming ability, energy cost savings, connectivity, and control options. After reviewing each, we’ll pick our winner, the best wifi thermostat available.

What To Look for in a Wifi Thermostat

When shopping for a wifi thermostat, there’s several factors that are important to consider.

Design: There’s a few things to consider here: Do you prefer a touchscreen or actual buttons? Is the display text large and readable? Do you want a color display?

Programming: Consider what temperature programming options are important to you. Some thermostats have simple scheduling options, while others have auto-learning and adjustments, or room sensors.

Energy Costs: Some smart thermostats will automatically adjust and save you money on your energy bills throughout the year – is this a feature that’s important to you?

Connectivity and Control: Almost every wifi thermostat can be controlled through your phone. However, some wifi thermostats offer more advanced control options like built-in voice control. To make the most of features like this then you must make sure you have excellent wifi.

Top Wifi Thermostat Contenders

Honeywell Wifi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat

The Wifi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat from Honeywell is awesome. It’s a full color touchscreen display that doesn’t only show you the temperature and weather, but even displays alerts reminding you to change air filters and humidifier pads.

Design: This wifi thermostat from Honeywell is sleek and thin. The touchscreen display is large, easy to read, and fully customizable. The display color is adjustable so you can match the aesthetic of the room. In addition to thermostat settings, you can view local weather and humidity levels – including the humidity indoors, which is an awesome feature.

Programmable: With many programming options available, you can schedule the Honeywell Thermostat to adjust automatically, which is both convenient and energy saving.

Connectivity & Control: The Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat connects to your home’s Wifi network. You can control the temperature through your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s also compatible with Alexa voice control.

Approximate Cost: $139


Honeywell Wifi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

The Honeywell Wifi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat may look old school, but it packs some state of the art features. It’s got a ton of programming options, giving you a great opportunity to save some cash on your energy bills. It’s also capable of advanced wifi control options like Google Assistant and IFTTT. And guess what – it’s less than $100!

Design: The retro design of this Honeywell Thermostat may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we like it. It’s got a green backlit display that gives us Nintendo Gameboy nostalgia. While the display isn’t a touchscreen, seven buttons give you the ability to navigate through the settings and controls

Programmable: The Honeywell Wifi Thermostat provides 7 day programming with 4 program periods per day. That’s enough flexibility to schedule out any scenario, keeping your home comfortable and your energy bill low.

Connectivity & Control: Through a wifi connection, this thermostat can be controlled several ways. Like other smart wifi thermostats, you can control the temperature and programming schedule through an app on your phone or tablet. In addition, this model can be controlled through Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT applets, Stringify, and more.

Approximate Cost: $85


Honeywell Wifi 9000 Color Touchscreen Thermostat

The Wifi 9000 is another great thermostat from Honeywell. It’s a tiny bit more expensive than the other Honeywell thermostat models that we looked at, but you can really see a difference in the display.

Design: The Wifi 9000 Thermostat is encased in a sleek, modern silver box. The touchscreen display is functional and beautiful, with support for several different background color gradients. In addition to the color, you can customize the information that is displayed, including indoor/outdoor temperature, your cooling and heating settings, date/time, and the weather.

Programmable: You can schedule the thermostat to your liking with an easy to use 7 day programming feature. There’s also an energy savings mode to help keep your heating and cooling efficient and your energy bills low. If you’re keen on lowering your heating bill and becoming a more efficient household, you may want to consider having a tankless water heater installed – check out this website (visit now) for information on the plumbing services that can help you to pull this off.

Connectivity & control: The Honeywell Wifi 9000 Thermostat is controlled by an app on your phone that allows you to remotely monitor and manage the temperature in your home. It’s also compatible with Alexa.

Approximate Cost: $155


Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Built-in Alexa

The Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat is one of our favorites. First of all, Alexa is built right into the thermostat, so you don’t have to purchase a separate Alexa device. This means the ecobee4 is the only thermostat that comes with voice control right out of the box. Another feature that sets this thermostat apart from other models are the included room sensors. By placing the room sensors in the rooms you occupy the most, you can have a more comfortable temperature balance throughout your entire home.

Design: The ecobee4 is beautiful. It’s got a very sleek and futuristic design with a 3.5 inch touchscreen display. In addition, the ecobee4 includes 1 room sensor (you can purchase more and use them at the same time). The room sensors are placed in rooms throughout your house, where they measure the occupancy and temperature.

Programmable: In addition to numerous programming options, the ecobee4 Smart Thermostat can adjust automatically. The room sensors measure the occupancy and temperature, so that the temperature can adjust to your preferences while you are home, but also save energy when you are out of the house. These auto adjustments are so effective that homeowners can save up to 23% per year on heating and cooling costs.

Connectivity & Control: The ecobee4 Thermostat comes with Alex built-in, so you have the power of voice control right out of the box, which is extremely convenient. It also works with any iOS or android devices, so you can control it straight from your phone or tablet. In addition, the ecobee4 works with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, IFTTT, and more.

Approximate Cost: $240

Learn more about the ecobee4.


Nest Learning Thermostat

Nest has recently released the 3rd generation of their Learning Thermostat line, and we love it. While most smart thermostats require some level of programming, the Nest can truly run on autopilot. It quickly learns your habits and then programs itself, automatically adjusting the temperature for you.

Design: The Nest Learning Thermostat looks like it’s straight out of the future. The thermostat itself is thin and sleek, but the display is large and sharp. The display lights up and allows you to view the temperature from across the room. It will also display the weather, time, or an analog clock face. Nest offers 4 different color options including black, copper, stainless steel, and white.

Learning & Energy Saving: The Nest Thermostat quickly learns your habits and then adjusts the temperature automatically, saving energy and reducing your energy expenses. On average, it saves 10-12% on heating bills and 15% on air condition costs. It is Energy Star Certified.

Connectivity & Control: Controlling the Nest Learning Thermostat is a piece of cake. You can change the temperature from anywhere using your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s also fully compatible with Alexa voice control.

Approximate Cost: $230


Winner: Best Wifi Thermostat

Our two favorites are the Nest Learning Thermostat and the ecobee4 Smart Thermostat. The Nest features advanced auto-learning, automatic control, and energy cost reduction. The ecobee4 features built-in Alexa voice control, an included room sensor with automatic control, and energy cost reduction.

Since the price points for these two awesome wifi thermostats are just about the same, we’re going to have to call this one a tie. If you’re looking to purchase a wifi thermostat, you’ll just have to decide which feature appeals to you more: advanced auto-learning or built-in voice control.

It’s a tie!

Nest Learning Thermostat


ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat



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