Best Ping Pong Tables of 2018

If you have a passion for something, the right tools can help you take it to the next level. This principle is not different for ping-pong fans. For the best experience, all ping pong players should play on the best possible table.

Finding that right one is, however, a challenge since there are many on the market. We’ve made it easier for you by researching and coming up with a list of the best ping pong tables.

We have specified every detail that you need to enjoy your favorite game. In the end, we will tell you the essential factors that you should consider when getting one. Let’s get started!


Stiga Advantage Competition Table Tennis Table

stiga advantage competition table

If you’re looking for a table that provides a great bounce, check out the Stiga Advantage Competition Table Tennis Table.


  • MDF materials
  • Independent chassis
  • Legs made from steel
  • Leg levelers
  • Self-opening

It is made from high-density materials and coated with an appealing color. The finish is done with a silkscreen stripping that gives it a smooth sensation for a perfect bouncing effect.

You can convert your tennis tables into two due to the independent chassis to use it for other purposes. The steel legs come with a square design making them sturdy and stable.

The legs have leg levelers that you can adjust in order to make sure that the table is level for fair play. A self-opening system allows automatic deployment when it is open.

It offers a spring clamp system that gives the cotton net stability as you play. It has safety features that are built in to prevent any accidents during the game. It is a solid table that can withstand an intense game.


  • The steel legs offer stability
  • The materials used are high quality to last for years.
  • It is reliable
  • It offers you a smooth surface for natural bouncing
  • Has safety features that are built in
  • The thickness is perfect for training


  • It does not have a thickness of 1 inch
  • It does not suit professional players.


Its thickness limits professional players, but as a casual player, it can help you enhance your skills from the comfort of your home. It’s high quality and has additional features that encourage a smooth play.




Joola Inside 15 Table Tennis Table 

joola inside 15 table tennis table

If you are looking for a ping pong table that offers you high performance at an affordable cost, choose the Joola Inside 15 Table Tennis Table. You can get it in different thicknesses making it diverse for any player.


  • Corner protectors
  • Locking wheels
  • Playback action mode
  • Foldable legs
  • Powdered undercarriage

Right from the appearance, you will love how this piece blends with any room you place it in. It comes in a dark blue surface and an apron that is black iron. The legs are thick for maximum support while you play.

The materials beneath what you see are strong and durable. The various high-density tables in different thicknesses all give you a robust and consistent bounce back mechanism.

You get your table in two halves that you can join easily through the center. It is pre-assembled reducing the set-up time. You only screw the legs and clamp your net in position.

It comes with corner protectors and a powdered undercarriage that prevents the metallic parts from rusting. The storage size is compact for secure storage, and the locking wheels increase mobility.

You can fold the legs and place them against the wall. It also allows you to change into solo mode.


  • You can fold the legs
  • Variety of thickness
  • The setup time is minimal
  • The corner protectors act as a safety feature to prevent injuries
  • The powdered undercarriage prevents rusting


  • The paint job is not consistent


We love this piece because both professionals and amateurs can use it. It gives you consistent playing and diverse features to match your every need. You get a high performance and numerous features at a low price.




Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table

stiga xtr outdoors table tennis

The Stiga XTR Outdoor Table Tennis Table gives you a playing surface that measures 6 mm. It is made of aluminum composite. The legs are made from steel that provide a balance on the floor. They have levelers that even out the surface.


  • Levelers on the legs
  • Playback
  • Latch system
  • Net system
  • Clap attachment

You can put half of the table away if you desire thanks to the playback component. The storage and set up is easy to help you enjoy the game.

Though the bouncing effect may be inconsistent, it is built to withstand harsh conditions. The manufacturers conduct tests and reveal that it can withstand conditions such as humidity and heat.

The materials used are all weather making it ideal for outdoor use. It makes your table long-lasting. You can adjust the net from the tension setting.

You get levelers on the legs allowing you to play on different levels with ease. It comes with a latch system which acts as a safety feature.

You can lock your table without worrying about it opening and cause an accident.


  • You can play at different levels
  • The latch system is a safety feature
  • You can use half of the table
  • It has a long-lasting material
  • An adjustable netting


  • The table is thin which compromises on the bouncing
  • Some users complain of a pinging sound which can be annoying as you bounce your ball.


We would recommend this for beginners due to the low bounces. It, however, gives you lots of functional features that make playing fun and safe.




Joola Rally TL Professional Table

joola rally TL professional table

Enhance your ping pong skills as you compete in tournaments with your buddies from home with the Joola Rally TL Professional Table Tennis Table.

We like the fact that we don’t have to assemble this table since we spend less time in the set-up and more time enjoying our favorite sport. It comes pre-assembled, so you take only ten minutes to get it started.


  • Trolley system with wheels
  • Anti-tilting locks
  • A locking mechanism on the wheels
  • MDF fiberboard
  • Height adjusters
  • Sleek back surface

There is a trolley system that gives you smooth folding of your table. It has four wheels that make it easy to move your table without worrying about its weight.

You can smoothly unfold your table with the help of the anti-tilting locks. Your wheels also contain a locking mechanism to ensure the stability of your table. This prevents accidents if you push your table as you play.

You get more than one option of the same ping pong table. You can choose the 15 mm, 18 mm or 25 mm according to how experienced you are at the game. The usage also determines the ideal choice.

All the ping pong tables come with an MDF fiberboard that increases durability. You get a consistent bouncing mechanism thanks to the multiple layers painted on the smooth surface of your table.

Thick steel is used to construct the legs of your table which increase durability. They also have height adjusters so that you can set different levels of the surface as per your experience in the game.

The sleek back surface provides ball holders as well as magnetic scorers making it more versatile to help you enjoy the game. You can easily access your balls and score thanks to the design.


  • The smooth surface makes it consistent as you bounce the ball
  • The folding and unfolding is easy
  • The set-up is effortless
  • A pleasant design that makes playing and scoring easy
  • Its wheels on the trolley system increase mobility
  • There are diverse thickness options to choose from


  • It is not pocket-friendly


If you want to teach yourself more ping pong skills, Joola Rally professional is an ideal choice. We like the unique design that makes playing and scoring easy. Its versatility and mobility are worth investing in.




Joola Mid-size Compact Table Tennis Table

Joola mid-size compact tennis table

Do you need a ping pong table that is cheap and fun to use with young ones? Check out the Joola Mid-size Compact Table Tennis Table. This allows you to enjoy your game even if you don’t have a lot of space to play.

Features and specifications

  • It measures 72L × 36W × 30 H inches
  • It weighs 62 pounds

You can fit this table in a medium closet or use the tables separately for other activities. The size allows you to set it up in a small enclosed area such as an office, a study room or kid’s room.

Your table does not need lots of assembling since it comes ready to play. You only need to unfold its legs and install the provided net in your package.

The table comes in two halves that are locked firmly in a decent position to give you a strong ball bounce. Its legs are attached to the table to minimize the set-up time.

The materials used in the construction of your table are durable. Its size makes it easy to break down as well as store. The surface gives you an excellent bounce to enjoy your game.

You can only use it indoors since there are no weatherproofing features suitable for outdoor use. You also don’t get features such as height adjusters and locking wheels.


  • It is lightweight increasing portability
  • It is a high-quality table
  • It gives you a casual fast game
  • The bouncing effect is impressive
  • It is cheap


  • The playing surface area is limited
  • No locking wheels
  • No height adjusters.


If you don’t need a big table and dedicate an entire room for a spot, you will enjoy a casual play from Joola Mid-size compact table. It is not a table for a professionals.

It, however, remains a high-quality piece that does not need lots of steps to set it up. The price is also impressive.




Considerations for a ping pong table

The location

As you choose a ping pong table, you must think of where you need to use it. Different versions have or lack specific features that go with the location. For instance, most indoor tables lack height adjusters.

The location helps you determine how much space you have inside or outside for the game. Indoor tables don’t go well with humidity.

Check if your table is waterproof or rustproof to determine where to place it.

Your experience

Are you a beginner or a professional in ping pong? This determines the thickness of your table. For a professional, you need a table that has excellent bouncing back to assure you of consistency during competitions.

As an amateur, you may need one that is not very advanced to use so that you can learn the necessary skills using it for your practice. Stability is critical as a beginner to avoid accidents from a moving table.


Evaluate if your space has enough room for a full-size table. You can measure your space and use the dimensions to get one that fits and leaves some room for the players.

Consider if you have enough storage space at the end of the game. If you are limited in space, you can check out a ping-pong table with foldable legs that can help you support it against a wall.

Buy a table that contains wheels for smooth movement as you store it. You can store it without the help of someone else.


There are all kinds of ping pong tables that range from cheap to expensive tables. Do not choose the cheapest model on the market even if you don’t have enough.

You don’t want one that starts showing signs of wear and tear after a weak. If you are a casual player, choose one that is not too costly nor too cheap. For a professional, you cannot compromise on the price.

Remember that the net of your ping pong table is also essential. A good net should provide accuracy during the game and be stable enough to withstand harsh playing.


Final thoughts

From our discussion, you can learn that ping pong tables are different in many aspects. The best ping pong table depends on the features you need, the performance, versatility as well as durability. Put all the considerations we have discussed in mind to find the one that is perfect for you.


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