Best Gun Safes for Under $1000

In America, owning a gun in each private-household is pretty normal. This is why it might be a good idea, if you own a gun to have something like these weapons storage racks to keep them safe. It is an American right, but it is also one of the most popular issues in both social and political for years.

In the US, there are about 300 million privately-owned guns on each person. That means most men, women, and legal-aged teenagers own at least one gun. Technically, most of the purchased firearms are for home protection only. But, do you think it’s a good idea to keep a gun at home?

Whether if it’s a yes or no, always consider you and your family’s safety first.

Why Own a Gun In the First Place?

For home safety and protection. In fact, many homeowners like to add to their home’s safety by owning a gun as well as having something like a Security Camera System installed. That is the most common answer to that kind of question, but not everybody has the same line of thinking. Some would use them for hunting, some for shooting activities, some uses them for fun, and some would use them for illegal stuff.

But still, 70% of America’s population keeps a gun in their home as their protection against burglars.

Types of Guns

Choosing a good gun for personal use is important. You may either want a pistol, a rifle, or a shotgun as your weapon for self-defense against attacks from wild animals or criminals.

Here are different types of guns that you can choose from:

  • Handgun

Revolver and pistol are the most common choices of handguns. It doesn’t recoil after firing and it doesn’t run out of ammunition. Revolvers and pistols have a limited number of bullets that they could hold.

  • Shotguns

Shotguns are much bigger than handguns. They are fairly easy to use, straightforward, highly reliable, and has an enormous amount of power.

Shotguns have three types of mechanisms, these are:

  • Break Action
  • Pump Action
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Carbines

Carbines are slightly like a short rifle. It is available in a lot of calibers that has a smaller risk of over-penetration in houses. It can carry a quick change of clips and can be as accurate as rifles.

Why Use a Gun Safe?

This is so that you can store your gun in a much safer place, it would be out of the kid’s reach and most especially away from the burglar or intruder’s hands. Most gun safes are installed with electric locks that only you and your trusted person know.

Owning a gun safety is really necessary for the sake of everyone’s safety. To help you with your purchase, let me list down 5 of the best gun safe under $1000, this list would save you time and money.

Best Gun Safes for Less Than $1000

When you think about buying a gun, you don’t just simply go to a firearms store, choose a gun, get home, and then hide it anywhere you wanted. No, you should consider thinking about a good hiding place where children can’t reach it, and avoid accidents.

Firearms may be used as a form of defense mechanism against the bad guys, you’d still be more likely to shoot someone accidentally than shooting the intruder.

Most guns have a safety switch to prevent someone from accidentally pulling the trigger. But is that enough? Having a good hiding place with good security is also a must, especially if you are a gun enthusiast.

Listed below will five of the best gun safes that you could buy for under $1000 only:

Steelwater Heavy Duty 16 Long Gun Fire Protection

steelwater 16 long gun fire protection

This company of Gun Safes has been known as one of the leading providers of gun safes in the nation. Steelwater offers their internet buyers with impressive online quality products, by improving the revolutionizing and manufacturing distribution process. This gun safe is perfect for hiding your long firearms at home like shotguns or so and keep out of reach of children.

This gun safe has a wide variety of gun safes that you can choose from for your home, and unlike other online stores, when you purchase a gun safe in Steelwater, the product will be shipped out immediately in about 1 to 2 days and will arrive at your doorstep within 3 to 7 business days.

This safe only costs $799.00. Purchase now on Amazon.

New Improvements of Steelwater:

  • 1.5” of solid steel locking bolts
  • 60 minutes of fireproofing for about 1875F
  • Includes custom door organizer kit
  • Automatic interior LED lighting

Features of the gun safe:

  • Stores 8 to 10 long guns
  • 12 steel gauge construction
  • External Height: 53 ¼”, Width: 15 7/8”
  • Bolt system and gear driven lock for added strength against drill, prying, and punching attacks
  • (10) 1.5” diameter steel of locking bolts
  • (7) chrome plated of active bolts
  • (3) inactive bolts on the side hinge
  • Double layer of layer of fireboard in the floor, door jams, walls, and ceiling
  • Full length of the shelf, Width: 9”, Depth: 8”
  • 3 Small shelves, Width: 9”, Depth: 8 ¼”
  • The expandable door seal is heat activated that is designed to seal out the water and smoke. It also expands for up to 8 times its thickness in case of fire.
  • Has a pre-drilled ½ inch diameter of the hole on the back for installation of the dehumidifier.
  • The grey interior is fully upholstered that features a gun rack of two-sections, it can store for up to 8 long guns per section. It also includes 4 adjustable shelves for additional storage.
  • The safe is semi-glossed textured in black with a polished and silver pin stripping of tri-spoke handle.
  • 4 ¾” thick door with 2 layers of fireboard.
  • Exceeds the standards of the justice regulatory in the California Department for containers for residential security
  • The internal has a spring, relocking bolt for added security in case the lock is removed by burglars.
  • 8 times larger drill resistant plate that protects the re-locker, gear drive, linkages, and digital lock.

Kodiak Gun Safe: 30 Long Guns and 4 Hand Guns

kodiak gun safe 30 long guns safe

Kodiak gun safes is a really good manufacturer of firearm safes, Kodiak produces high-quality products and it is also a part of the bigger gun safe company called, Rhino Safe CO. most people confuse both companies with one another.

The gun safe comes with a warranty, the warranty is kind of a proof that the said safe will not break in a specific period. The Kodiak gun safe products also come in different sizes, their largest safe could hold for up to 58 guns.

This safe only costs $869.00. Purchase now on Amazon.

Features of Kodiak Gun Safe:

  • Has a special recognizable traditional design
  • Has a 2.00mm steel composite and body
  • 8 large door bolts, around 1.00” diameter
  • Have a fireboard protection in the door, floor, ceiling, and walls
  • Its internal has an anti-tamper clutch
  • Can hold for up to 4 handguns and 30 long guns
  • Weighs 350 pounds
  • Dimensions externally: Height: 59”, Width: 28”, Dimension: 20”
  • Predrilled and is compatible with the Rhino’s patented safe swing out of the gun rack. Holds up to 6 guns
  • Has a deluxe standard door organizer for more options in storage
  • 3 spoke vault handle
  • The safe has a spring loaded re-locker to keep the safe secure against burglars if the lock is removed or tampered.
  • Has a full 30 minutes protection against fire for up to 1400F
  • The seal of the heat activated door can expand for up to 7 times its original size, it seals the door’s edge to keep the heat and smoke out
  • The hardened steel plate protects the lock from being tampered and drilled
  • This firearm safety device is approved in California
  • Has adjustable shelves and interior walls
  • Have a 3/8” drilled opening for the installment of dehumidifier

Stack-On 16 Gun Double-Door Steel Security Cabinet

stack-on 16-gun security safe

This is a tactical gun cabinet where you could safely store all your owned firearms. It is designed to be comfortable and a very usable gun safe for all gun enthusiasts. Stack-On products are approved by California’s Department of Justice by meeting the required standard for safely storing owned firearms.

The company of Stack-On offers one of the broadest ranges of safety storage products in the world. They have been selling their products for over 40 years with quality and with great customer service. When it comes to your needs in a secure storage, you can count on Stack-On to provide your needs.

This safe only costs $508.97. Purchase now on Amazon.

Features of Stack-On Gun Safes:

  • It is a welded steel box construction with an all steel 3-point locking system and a double butted, key coded lock.
  • Staked steel piano and full length welded hinge that provides great security.
  • Stack-On’s internal storage has barrel standoffs for scoped guns, contoured non-marring barrel rest, and patented.
  • Have pre-drilled mounting holes, this allows the gun safe to be easily attached to the wall or floor.
  • Epoxy finish in hunter green, and baked durable.
  • It has a flushed mount on the bottom be fastened easier to the floor
  • The safe’s locking plate passes behind the cabinet’s frame at the bottom and top of each unit.
  • The molded barrel rests won’t compress or deteriorate over time
  • The standoff can be or attached to barrel rest of Stack-On if your needs change.
  • It includes finishing and fastening
  • The top pre-drilled mounting holes align with stack-On’s ammo cabinets

Stack-On 24 Gun Fire Resistant Safe

stack-on 24-gun fire resistant safe

This is a high capacity Kodiak gun safe that can fit a large number of guns. This safe can store for up to 24 long guns and handguns inside of it. This safe is made sturdier and stronger than other safes for a higher security level.

These are heavier and have more security features. It has a rubber sealed edge that keeps the water or smoke from going inside the safe.

This safe only costs $663.77. Purchase now on Amazon.

Features of the Gun Safe:

  • Have additional removable shelves
  • The fully carpeted interior of the safe could either be stocked with 24 long guns or with 12 long guns.
  • This safe has a 30 minutes fire protection in a temperature for up to 1400F
  • This safe is approved and has passed the required standard of residential security containers by California’s Department of Justice.
  • Electric Locked
  • Steel door contains fire retardant materials, thus creating a protective fire wall
  • The included barrel rests won’t compress or deteriorate over time
  • The contours of the barrel rests will not only accommodate rifles but also side-by-side shotguns as well.
  • The stripping of the door expands when exposed to high temperatures, helps keep the contents safe from the fire
  • It has a 1 inch 2-way locking steel bolts and has for up to 5 locking points.

SecureIt Tactical Model 52 Gun Cabinet

secureIt tactical gun cabinet safe

Decentralizing you gun safe storage in specific locations of your home could give you fast access. It will make it difficult for the thieves to find your guns and much easier for you to reach them so that you could protect yourself immediately.

The SecureIt Agile gun safe model is premium and heavy-duty firearm system storage. This gun safe can do everything of what a traditional gun safe could do, without being heavy and difficult to move around. SecureIt has CradleGrid Technology for an adaptable and organized storage.

This safe only costs $599.00. Purchase now on Amazon.

Features of SecureIt Gun Safe:

  • Key Override
  • Keypad Control Panel
  • Stores firearms for up to 50” inch in length
  • Have 6 upper cradles with removable bungees
  • Three stock bases
  • Heavy-duty steel cabinet
  • Louvered back panel grid
  • Can keep 6 long guns and 24 handguns (bins are sold separately)
  • External Dimension: Height: 52”, Width: 20”, Depth: 15”
  • Weighs around 105 pounds
  • All assemblies are internal only. It is inaccessible when the safe is locked
  • Heavier studs and bolts for assembly
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes on the back panel for wall mounting
  • It has a full piano hinge swing door with a 3 point locking system
  • Manual lock capability with L-handle design
  • Heavier lock end and lock rod system
  • Have a more improved and reliable electronic lock

And that wraps up the five best gun safes currently available for under $1000. These five are the best gun safe options for gun enthusiasts and hunters. It will keep you and your family safe, and keep your firearms out of the reach of children and intruders.

Pros of Gun Ownership

  • Sense of Security

This is one of the most basic advantages of owning a gun, sense of security. Having a gun will give anyone a chance to fight back or as a defense mechanism against intruders in your household or against a criminal in a public place.

While having mad skills in martial art and a bottle of pepper spray can be used in minor situations, a person still needs a weapon to defend their selves and their loved ones against an armed criminal. With your weapon of choice locked away, why not add extra security to your home and family with a hidden camera for piece of mind. Some people have found useful when purchasing security equipment. You can sleep knowing that both your family and your weapon will be better protected.

Besides, criminals don’t like to be pointed at with the barrel of a gun like the rest of us do. That is why about 75% of active criminals avoid breaking into anyone’s houses when the owners are home. In other words, they are afraid of getting shot that is why most criminals don’t target specific houses that owns a gun.

  • Save Lives

If the use of firearms is handled by law-abiding citizens, like for example a police or a Good Samaritan citizen, they would have the ability to save the lives of other people.

Every year, law-abiding citizen that owns a gun, draws them out for personal defense, acts as a deterrent against criminals, and has saved a countless number of lives. Most of the time, they don’t even have to pull the trigger against the offender, because just the mere sight of the gun could already stop them in their tracks.

  • Help Reduce Crime

Like mentioned earlier, just the mere sight of the gun could already keep the criminal or house intruders at bay. Like everyone, criminals also don’t want to get shot at with a pistol.

The reason why it could reduce crime is that not all criminals are bold enough to target their victims with a gun.

  • Could Protect Your Livestock

Not everyone lives in an apartment or in a fancy household in the city, there is still a lot that lives in rural areas. Farmers and other rural people needed the use of a gun to kill or scare off bears, coyotes, wolves, foxes, and from other predators that hunt their pets and barn animals.

  • Hunt for Food

Like is said, not everybody lives in a city with a lot of skyscrapers. People in rural areas are mostly surrounded by forests and mountains, which mean that they are always surrounded by wild animals. Some animals would be aggressive, and some would be too scared to even get close to humans.

Most gun owners that own at least 1 to 2 rifles or shotguns are hunters. Some hunters use the hunted dead animals as decorations, while some as their food for the day. Most hunters target deer, duck, rabbit, geese, and squirrels.

Cons of Gun Ownership

  • Increase Crime

This one contradicts one of the pros above, why will it increase crime? That is because not everyone is good and law-abiding citizens. In the US, the government has done what they can to ensure that only the law-abiding citizens would receive a gun.

Most citizens would pass the background check, but not everyone who passes the background check has a good intention with the use of a gun. The government may have created a system to avoid the firearms from falling into the wrong hands, however, the system would not always be successful.

  • Cause Accidents

Most gun owners don’t have enough knowledge in handling firearms, therefore can cause accidents to happen. Like for example, a man was checking out his newly bought firearm. He didn’t check if the gun was loaded or if the safety switch was one, then he accidentally pulled the trigger while the barrel of the gun was facing on his foot, thus the result of self-accident.

Before anyone would consider buying a gun, you should first undergo a training program for the right way of handling guns and enough knowledge about firearms.

  • It may Fall into the Wrong Hands

You may be a good citizen with good intentions of owning a gun, but if there would be a situation where your gun was stolen or lost and was found by the wrong guy, then that would be a problem.

The one who has picked up your gun could use it in the wrong way. That is why, if you ever own a gun, do not hide it in obvious places, like for example under the bed, under the mattress, inside your drawer, under the pillow, or inside the closet. Most people have the same idea of hiding things in those places, so try to avoid it.

It would be better if you own a gun safe to hide your firearms.

  • Causes People to Get Nervous

A lot of people get nervous when they see armed citizens roaming around in public places. They would also assume that some of the armed citizens look suspicious and might be a criminal.

A lot of authorities have claimed that it is hard to distinguish the people that are carrying legal firearms, from criminals that are also carrying a gun.

There are a lot of pros and cons of owning a firearm. Most of the cons cannot be avoided because not everyone is perfect and not everyone has good intentions. Guns would always fall into the wrong hands, and self-accidents would always happen unexpectedly.

However, having enough training, knowledge, and responsibility in handling firearms, would help lessen the risks of accidents and irresponsible handling of guns.


There are a lot of debates happening around the world when it comes to the use of firearms, some people approve the use of it and some people don’t. If you are one of the people who own a gun but doesn’t have a gun safe, then I recommend that you should buy one. You’ll never know when a burglar will break through the window and lays an eye on your gun.


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