Best Air Mattresses For Camping

While most people can survive sleeping out in the wild with a blanket, a sleeping bag, and a mat padding, it is not always healthy to do so. If you plan on sleeping out in the wilderness, it is essential to be comfortable, warm and well-rested so to improve your experience outdoors, and an air mattress can be of great value. Another item that might be useful when camping is a Beer Growler. Camping specific equipment can be very useful when you are traveling around. They can be useful in a similar fashion to air mattresses.

Air mattresses are light, comfortable and are much easier to carry along with your other hiking gear. They would also be perfect for your next trip to any of the Holgates holiday parks. There are two different types of air mattresses which are both convenient for camping. To pick the right bed for your comfort and your needs, let us first examine the different types. You can also look for other camping comforts from websites like Teton Sports, where you’ll be able to find different products such as various air mattresses, comfortable sleeping bags, camp cots and much more.

Types Of Air Mattress

  1. Air Mattress with Pump

These mattresses are higher from the ground because they can contain more air inside. They are available in a variety of sizes, so they are ideal for a family or single uses, depending on your sleeping preference. Besides outdoor camping, they are convenient as temporary beds for guests too. They can be inflated only with the pump which can add extra load to your hiking baggage if you have to carry them for long distance and they are more susceptible to defects than the self-inflation pads or the regular sleeping bags.

  1. Self-inflation Air Mattresses

The self-inflation mattresses do not require an air pump as they can automatically inflate when you lay them out by opening the air valves. They can be easily packed, set up anywhere and are extremely lightweight which makes them ideal for carrying with other camping gears and sleeping bags. They have a much lower defect rate and are usually lifetime warranted. The self-inflation air mattresses are, however, closer to the ground and they are not as comfortable as the pumped up mattresses.

With that being said and considering construction materials, insulation, inflation/deflation method, portability, and additional features, here are 5 of the best air mattresses for camping.

Best Air Mattresses for Camping: Our Picks


freeland camping sleeping padFrom one of the most trusted brands in outdoor camping gear comes the Freeland Camping Sleeping Pad. It’s made for comfort, ease, and supreme quality to withstand the harsh outdoors.


With 76×1.5×24.8 inches in dimension, the air mattress is thicker, longer and wider than standard sleeping pads and weighs only 3.3lbs. The size is big enough for an extra side sleeper and enough room for one person.

Nylon & PVC Material

The Freeland sleeping pad constructed of 190T polyester pongee PVC shell makes it resistant to water and heat. It is diagonally and crisscrossed tufted for maximum comfort and security. Unlike sleeping pads made of synthetic, the Freeland sleeping pad does not have any odor or noisy squeaks with movement.

Dual Valves

It has dual free-flow and non-leak air valves for quick and easy deflation and inflation. No air pump is needed to set it up so you can leave with lighter baggage. The steps involve unrolling the pad, laying it on a flat surface and watch it inflate. Once it has reached the required air density, you can blow it to apply enough pressure and close the valve.

Split-join Feature

The air sleeping pad with a split-join design makes it compatible to join with another pad and hold it securely. It also comes with an attached pillow that has a separate inflation/deflation option which allows the user to adjust according to their sleeping comfort.


The air mattress can be easily rolled up and packed into the carrying bag that comes along with it. It also has built-in straps for holding the bag when you roll it up so that it is easier to pack in the bag.


It is highly insulated for warmth and comfort and security even in extreme cold temperatures as the pad is higher off the ground. The sleeping pad takes about 10 minutes to inflate and about 2 minutes to deflate.


Like most inflatable padded beds, it is more susceptible to tear or leakage than standard sleeping pads when handled poorly, exposed to fire or sharp objects. But it can also comfortably support bodyweight over 330lbs, and it has passed a 24-hour weight test. The company guarantees 72-hours leakage inspection that makes it highly reliable and secure. They also provide one air-patch kit in the case so you can sleep peacefully without worrying about an accidental puncture.



wellax sleeping pad air mattressIf you are thinking about spending a night out in the wilderness, your best bet would be the Wellax Ultralight Sleeping Pad to help you sleep comfortably and wake up energized for your next mission.

TPU & Nylon Material

Made from fine nylon and TPU coating the lightweight and compact sleeping pad from WellaX is highly recommended by many users. It provides warmth and comfort while sleeping over uneven and rugged terrains which can be elevated 2.5” off the ground when it is inflated to provide a plush and thick cushioning for your back with dozens of flexing points.

Silent and Odorless

Some people often shift their position around while sleeping and this can be annoying for light sleepers. The 20D fabric does not a make a squeaky sound or has a plastic smell so you can move about in silence.

Chillax Air Cell Weight Support

It can easily support 300-350 pounds of body weight and the Chillax Air Cells ensure that you have an uninterrupted sleep without wobbling in one direction when your weight shifts. The unique shape is also designed to cradle while making it stable from swaying.

Light & Compact

The sleeping pad weighs only 14.5oz and 78x24x2.5 inches in size which makes it one of the lightest inflatable sleeping pads. It can be folded, packed into the compression bag and carried along with your other camping gear.

All Weatherproof

The revolutionary design of the sleeping pad is for durability, waterproof, heatproof and abrasion or tear resistant, so you don’t need to worry about being too careful wherever you sleep.

Easy to Inflate/Deflate

The WellaX sleeping pad is easy to inflate and deflate. Like the Freeland air mattress, it has two valves but one is for flattening it while the other is for boosting the pad with only 4 to 5 breathes so you will not have to carry a pump that might add weight to your baggage.


Carrying extra blankets to keep you warm at night can also add weight to your camping trip. With the WellaX, you can comfortably lie on it without requiring a more heated bed sheet because it has 21 R-value insulations that reflect body heat back to your body, keeping you warm and snug during the chilly nights.


For people who are extremely sensitive to plush cushioned beds, this might seem like a little thin pad in the harsh terrain. The best way to prevent uneasiness while using this sleeping pad is to use it with a sleeping mat beneath it for a comfortable sleep throughout the night.



intex airbed air mattressThe Intex Classic Downy Airbed Set is a queen-sized inflatable air mattress for camping out, or as a temporary bed indoors.

Vinyl Material

The material used for this plush bed is vinyl material and cozy flock top, and you can easily spot clean it with mild soap and water.

Quiet and Odourless

The air mattress is 100% soundproof and odorless so you can comfortably shift your positions while you sleep without disrupting other sleepers.

Wave Beam Design for Support

The Wave Beams Design specially built for comfort, balance, and easy cleaning are also intended for keeping the bedding from slipping so that you can have a luxurious sleep wherever you are.

Detachable Pillow

The Intex 67765E comes with a pair of inflatable cushions that are detachable so you can reposition it however you want. It is suitable even for a standard queen-size fitted sheet so you can use it at home as well.

Two Large Air Valves

The Intex Downy Airbed also features two extra-wide air valves: one to exhaust the air before you pack it and the other to pump the air in before you use it. The hand pump is available along with the bag, and it is light and effortless to use and easily inflates the pad within 10-15 minutes of manual pumping.

Compatible Air Pump

The air mattress is also compatible with other standard air bed pumps that can be attached to the car. You can easily pack it with your camping gears in the compress box without damaging the shape and quality of the airbed.

Supports Heavy Weight

The airbed supports over 600 pounds of body weight so it can comfortably fit in an average size couple without threatening the stability of the bed.


Since the air mattress is a combination of vinyl and microsuede, it could lose some air after continuous use. The location of storage, humidity, and temperature can also affect the firmness of the material, but the easy-to-inflate hand pump can always adjust the firmness to fit one’s comfort.



etekcity camping air mattressThe Etekcity Camping Portable Air Mattress is the perfect air mattress for the outdoors. It can handle even the most rugged terrains when you go out camping, backpacking or sleeping somewhere as a guest.

Thick PVC Material

Made with non-toxic PCV+0.2mm material that makes it odorless and allergic proof, it can also stay snugly in one place. The flocking top constitutes a comfortable and soft material that reflects body heat to keep you warm on cold nights or wet surfaces. Raised 9 inches from the ground, it protects the body from the cold floor making them suitable and comfortable for people with rheumatism or nerve problems.

Quick Deflate/Inflate

The Etekcity Air Mattress can be quickly deflated and inflated with a rechargeable electric pump. The cordless hand pump that comes with the package can be charged to your home outlet in advance if you are taking it out in the open or you can power it with your car charger within one minute and can be used to inflate the mattress at least three times in one charge.

Easy Setup

Setting up the mattress and filling in the air takes a maximum of three minutes so you can quickly rest and have a sound sleep.

Compact Design

Since the Etekcity Air Mattress‘ design is for indoor and outdoor use, the packaging is not as bulky as other air mattresses even with the pump included. The whole air mattress can snugly fit into your backpack when you take it for your hiking or camping trip. When not in use, you can pack the air bed can in a compression bag and store it in your car or anywhere.

Supports 650lbs+

The fire-new bearing structure of the air mattress is a unique design made to increase firmness and support over 650 lbs of weight evenly throughout the night.

Different Size Pump Nozzle

It also comes with three different size nozzles that make it easier to pump according to any degree of stability you prefer. These nozzles can be used with other inflatable items too.


The only problem that users have with the Etekcity mattress is that it tends to bugle when you use it for a long time. However, with proper care and right maintenance, it should suffice the 1-year warranty. Users should also note that these mattresses are to be used temporarily so when it used every day, the expected durability could lessen.



lightspeed outdoors air bed mattressThe Lightspeed Outdoors Air Mattress is exceptionally light, spacious and comfortable to set up. If you are planning on backpacking and hiking or an extended camping trip, this air mattress will help you sleep in peace wherever you are.

Superior TPU Material

Constructed for stability, comfort, and convenience, the air mattress made of high-quality TPU material is abrasion resistant, so you don’t have to worry about using it in the wilderness or over the abrasive flooring. It is much lighter than other air mattresses that feature Phthalate or PVC materials, making it convenient for outdoor gears.

All Weather Adaptable

It can be rolled into the smallest compact size and stored away anywhere. The waterproof material makes it all weatherproof and temperature stable. It reflects enough body heat to keep you warm while the air filled gauge keeps you fresh on hot days.

Spacious and Lightweight

With a dimension of 79x55x7 inches, and about 10 inches thick, it can also be used as a temporary bed at home as it fits any queen sized sheets and it can freely accommodate two people with a maximum weight of 600 lbs.

Stable and Reliable

The stabilizer features a design that evenly distributes pressure to minimize air bubbles, bouncing and movement of the mattress and also keeps it flat throughout the night so that you can get a well-rested sleep.

Rechargeable Air Pump

Equipped with an air pump that adds almost nothing to the 6 lbs package, it can be quickly inflated or deflated, and if you are planning on spending more than a night out in the open, you can carry extra batteries to pump it.

Boston Air Valves

The Lightspeed Outdoors Air Mattress also features Boston valves that make it easier to slowly adjust the firmness of the bed according to your needs.


So far, a lot of users have not had any major complaints except for the minor air leaks in time. The products are highly sensitive to damage and even though they might be of good quality and trusted brands, make sure that you have them tested in the store before purchasing them.

For more fantastic camping tips, check out They have so many great guides that’ll teach you so much about everything outdoors.



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