The 5 Best Gun Safes

Join us as we take a look at our favorite gun safes of the year.

Gun safety must be number one on every gun owner’s list. However, before choosing which firearm you wish to buy it is very important that you should consider how you are going to keep it. The correct weapon storage is extremely important and keeping your gun locked up avoids possible mishandling from younger family members or theft. Just like with anything, before jumping in to anything, it is important to consider the safe ratings of any safe you are looking to buy. You want to know for sure that anything from your jewellery to your guns will be protected from any intruders.

Gun safety is a huge part of gun ownership, there have been terrible stories of guns getting to the hands of children because they are not locked away safely. This is why many use this in-wall safe reco or similar storage facilities to ensure that they are kept out of the hands of children. There is no such thing as too safe when it comes to guns and your family, so you might want to look into someone like this Denver locksmith who might be able to help you safeguard your collection, locking away your weapons, and making your home a safer envirnoment.

Long guns, pistols, or any kind of firearm are considered investments, and just like other investments, you want to protect them as long as you can. And of the most effective ways to protect your guns is to buy a safe. A gun safe, on the other hand, may possibly keep your firearm protected from unpredicted happenings such as fires and floods. If you’re not aware, safes usually have adequate room to store your other important stuff such as jewelry and other costly hobby equipment?

However, choosing the best gun safe may require lots of research and it is quite difficult because there are lots of options where you can choose from. So to help you, we have arranged out everything you need to know and reviewed the 5 best gun safes. Furthermore, you can take a glance at our gun safe buying guide after the product reviews.

The 5 Best Gun Safes: Our Top Picks

Sportsman Buffalo 32 Long Capacity Gun Safe

buffalo long capacity gun safeThe Sportsman Buffalo 32 Long Capacity Gun Safe has lots of features such as pry-resistant notched bots and recessed doors that can truly protect you and your guns from robbers. The interior of this safe is felted, it means your pistol, rifles, guns, and barrels will not bump on them and get scratches.

The Sportsman Buffalo 32 Long Capacity Gun Safe is equipped with beautiful interior pockets where you can store your small guns for safekeeping. As a matter of fact, it saves lots of space for your valuables.

Another good feature that this gun safe possesses is the pre-drilled started hole for light or humidifier. Thus, you are certain that there’s no moisture present insider of your gun safe. Even so, this little thing might look unbelievable, but it really makes your guns pristine.

Nevertheless, we recommend Sportsman Buffalo for those who have a set of both big guns and rifles. It is also ideal for gun owners who want to make the most of the gun safe’s interior space. Additionally, the small pockets that can be found inside of it are simply too nice to keep away from. Hence, if you have a long/big gun collection then this safe is worth considering.


  • Worth the investment
  • Well-made
  • Doesn’t consume large space
  • Comes with felted interior
  • Durable
  • Protects your firearm collection against scratches.


  • It can only protect your firearms for about 4o minutes especially if the gun safe is under fire.


SentrySafe Biometric Gun Safe

SentrySafe biometric gun safeThe SentrySafe QAP1BE Biometric Gun Safe falls in the small-sized category, however, it is large enough to accommodate a full-size semi-automatic handgun. Its lid is specifically designed to prevent a burglar from accessing it.

The good thing about the Sentry Safe Biometric Gun Safe is that you can access it using one hand. It means opening this safe is very easy which is useful when an emergency occurs. Furthermore, you can open it without making any noise given that it’s equipped with a hardware known as whisper quiet. Also, the gas strut does not create any sound.

This safe allows you to program up to 4 fingerprints. Plus, it features a keypad so that you will be able to set a code access. Even so, when the batteries are already dead, you are still allowed to open using one of many backup keys that are incorporated in the product.

On the other hand, this safe from SentrySafe comes with a reset button that is protected behind it batteries. This biometric gun safe is made of pry-resistant steel and extremely compact. In fact, it is perfect for on-the-move gun owners who want to protect their weapons. The safe’s dimension let it be utilized even from within a drawer. As a result, you can keep your gun safe at your workplace with ease.


  • Read fingerprints in just a few seconds.
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Made of premium quality materials
  • Compact
  • It has a spacious interior
  • Handy in times of emergency


  • The battery life is too short
  • It does not have an A/C adaptor
  • Does not come with a locking wire?


Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

vaultek vt20i biometric handgun safeThe Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe comes with a powder coat finish which prevents corrosions as well as made of 16 gauge steel. This gun safe utilizes smart safe technology which allows its user to interact with it using their smartphones.

One of the best things about this safe that we adored is that it provides several quick-access choices. In simple words, you can open it using its Bluetooth selection, keypad, or keyed entry. In addition, the Vaultek VT20i features a high-resolution biometric scanner which can pile up to twenty fingerprints for a much easier access. Since it features several access options it is safe to say that you’ll be able to open your gun safe rapidly all the time.

The safe on the other hand barely creates any sound particularly when you are opening it. Additionally, it is equipped with an interior light which let you get your guns easily at night. Even so, the gun safe can accommodate up to 2 pistols as well as some additional bullets.

Nevertheless, the Vaultek VT20i Biometric Gun Safe comes with everything that you may possibly need in order to utilize it such as:

  • Screwdriver
  • Charger
  • Battery
  • Security cable and
  • Mounting screws


  • Comes with a rechargeable battery
  • Affordable
  • Multiple access selections
  • The smart safe technology lets you know your safe’s current battery status as well as other stats.


  • The biometric scanner can be damaged


Stack On GCWB-10-5DS Gun Security Cabinet

stack on gun security cabinetThe Stack On GCWB-10-5DS gun security cabinet can accommodate ten shotguns or rifles that are up to 52 inches tall. Moreover, this product comes with a steel top shelf that offers additional storage for your additional storage. The shelf of the other hand is placed at the back of the cabinet thus longer firearms can be placed in front of the cabinet.

This gun security cabinet from Stack On comes with a foam cushioned bottom as well as barrel rest which reduces the possibility of scratches. This is very important in keeping your firearms looking their finest.

Moreover, the Stack On GCWB-10-5DS comes with a 3-point locking system that has a double-bitted lock which offers better security for your weapons. Even so, its cabinet door is finished with a black epoxy paint that has gold accents. In fact, this gun security cabinet can give you a safe and attractive way to store and protect your firearms. Due to its beautiful finished, you can display it with pleasure in any room in your home. Either way, you can easily fit this in most spaces with ease because it is slim.

Nonetheless, with this gun security cabinet, you can rest comfortably knowing your firearms are secured and safe.


  • Attractive
  • Good price
  • Spacious
  • Comes with a three-point locking system
  • Equipped with a steel top shelf that is removable and offers additional storage


  • This is not a gun safe


Steelwater Gun Safe with 16 Long Gun Fire Protection

Steelwater gun safeOne of our favorite gun safes is the Steelwater Standard Duty 16 Long Gun Safe. Despite the fact that, the average capacity of this gun safe ranges from 8 to 10 long firearms, its additional storage space more than small rifle space can make up. Even so, its four inches thick door comes with built-in compartments which are ballistic and drill proof.

On the other hand, ten 1.5-inch steel locking bolts are utilized for optimal protection, making sure everything inside it such as jewelry, ammo, pistols, classic rifles, hunting rifles, and assault rifles is hundred percent protected all the time.

When it comes to theft protection the new and improved the Steelwater gun safe offers shielding from fires that are up to 1,875 degrees Fahrenheit. Even so, the valuables inside this gun safe will hold up the said temperature for one hour. In addition to that, the electronic combination security device is EMP proof. It means it will hold up in even the most unanticipated emergency scenarios and conditions.

Although this gun safe is locked via combination if you are having a hard time remembering you can still opt for this device since it comes with bypass keys to make sure that your firearms are never unobtainable from your reach. However, if there is a power shortage, this safe comes with an inbuilt LED light that will illuminate your gear.


  • Equipped with an upholstered interior
  • Comes with 7 upholstered compartments and 8 large pouches
  • One of the most secure gun safes


  • It has a small interior.


How to Choose the Right Gun Safe?

As what we have said a while ago, choosing the right gun safe can be an overwhelming task and need more hours of research to make sure you’re getting the best unit that suits your needs. When it comes to gun safes, without a doubt there are lots of options where you can choose from.

Either way, we are hoping that by the end of the next few paragraphs you will expectantly have a better understanding of what you should be looking for a gun safe.

Factors to Consider Before Making A Purchase

  • Size

Before choosing how big of a gun safe you need, it is essential that you should check the space you’ve store one. However, if you can hold it, chances are you are going to need a sizeable gun safe. The point here is, look for a gun safe that is not only capable of securing and storing your firearms but your other valuable stuff as well. When it comes to size, you should also think about the future. Are you planning to buy more pistols or rifles? If yes, then you should always keep that in your mind when looking for a gun safe.

  • Thick Door

The thickness of the access door will determine how resilient a gun safe is. As a matter of fact, a thicker door, particularly units with more than 5/16 inches are going to stop thefts from being able to drill, blast, and pry over it. In addition, go for a model that comes with a steel door as it protects your firearms from the fire.

  • Steel Gauging

Ensuring the no one can access your gun safe without your permission should be your top priority. This includes burglars who may possibly attempt to break it especially when you are not around.

Remember that, the higher the steel gauge is, the more doubtful it is that they will be able to go through your safe. That is why when you are making a purchase make sure to opt for a gun safe with more than eight gauge because the steels are almost impenetrable. As a result, they will not be able to pry or drill it.

  • Bolts

Bolts are considered as one of the most important features of a gun safe as they keep it from opening. Either way, when the locked is occupied they slide in order to lock the door. Nevertheless, always keep in your mind that thick bolts are durable and having multiple bolts is also important. Some gun safes, on the other hand, come with two bolts while others are designed with ten steel boosts. Thus, the more bolts the better.

  • Locking Mechanism

If you are not bothered about burglars, you almost certainly want a safe that allows you to access your firearms quickly and easily. For this reason, you will want to take a look at the various locking mechanisms.

If your main concern is rapid access, you will want to turn away from combination locks and even key locks. Fortunately, some of the gun safes that are currently available on the market are equipped with fingerprint or biometric scanning, however, you can also see safe which locks are activated using Bluetooth thru smartphone applications or RFID signals.

  • Anchors and Mounting

Actually, protecting your weapon sometimes means a lot than simply storing it in a gun safe. That is why when you’re making a purchase always consider a gun safe that is easy to transport. Despite the fact that a burglar may possibly not have the opportunity to break it in your home, if they are able to transport it back to their house, there is a higher chance that they’ll be able to gain access.

Luckily, a heavy built gun safe will prevent this from happening as well as other units that come with anchors and mounts. But nevertheless, if you discover a gun safe that have no means of mounting, make sure to contact the safe’s manufacturer immediately to confirm if you can adjust it without voiding the warranty.

  • Alarms

Do you want to recognize when other people access your safe without having your permission? If so, then make sure to buy a gun safe that is reinforced with alarms which ring out when the access code is entered several times. On the other hand, other gun safes are made to ring out an alarm if picked or moved up.

  • Failsafe Locking

There are times that combination locks are not safe because it is not impossible for an intruder to presume your combination. But the good thing is most gun safes on the market today locks up completely particularly when the incorrect code is entered many times.

However, it may possibly become an ache when you put out of your mind your access code, but undeniably it is an additional level; of security which will not hurt to have.

  • Battery-powered

Safes that have electronic keyboard need batteries. However, if you have issues on battery-powered safes then you need to look for a unit that comes with a backup alternative for access, for example, a key.

Either way, if you’re looking for a pistol safe, it is better to find something that uses rechargeable batteries for added handiness.

  • Maximum Protection

Do you want a gun safe that offers maximum protection? That means a lock that cannot be interfered open, steel that cannot be drilled, a gun safe that cannot be simply stolen, and a combination that is easy to crack.

However, when it comes to things inside, you must consider a gun safe that is waterproof and fire resistant in order that maximum protection can be carried over to your valuables and firearms. Either way, gun safes that are rated with BF are near impracticable to crack if not provided with immediate access.

  • Warranty

Like with any other purchase, make sure to check the gun safe’s warranty closely. Actually, a usual warranty would have a minimum of one-year duration as this perhaps the time that any failure may possibly occur. However, some manufacturers provide special plans which allow you to extend your safe’s warranty period. Also, if there’s a choice for a lifetime warranty make sure to grab this option as it will save from having future headaches.

Why Should You Buy A Gun Safe?

Listed below are some of the reasons why owning a safe is worth considering.

  • A gun safe will keep you safe at all times

Without a safe, there are lots of places where you can hide your guns. But, gun safes are still the best. Imagine a situation where you are sleeping in your room when a burglar finds his/her way in, find your gun, and uses it against you. Worst, you might even know the burglar, which means they are aware that you own a firearm.

While they will not be able to utilize it against you, there is a higher chance that they’ll be using your gun to commit crimes. Thus, guilt, as well as legal issue, will be coming on your way.

  • Protect your Investment

As we all know, guns, gun upkeep, and gun accessories are not cheap. That is why protecting them is the least that you can do so that your hard earned money will not be wasted.

  • Child Safety

Nothing is more important than keeping kids from accessing any type of firearm without a guardian or parental supervision. Even though, the state law does not require gun safes in place, owning one can really pass up serious tragedy.

  • Water and Fire Can Damage Weapons

We are not always on top of things of what takes place in our home, so must it either ever go off in fire or fall victim to flood, you want to ensure that your guns are protected. Fortunately, some safe guns can hold out temperatures of 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour.

  • They can protect several guns

Most gun safes mainly pistol and long guns safes are big enough to accommodate several ammunition and firearms along with more personal effects. On the other hand, gun safes will not only protect and secure your firearms but also other valuable things you could have lying around in your house unsecured.

  • You’ll always know where your guns are

Without a doubt, we all fail to remember some important things and it is not totally unreasonable to imagine that one day you will forget where you store your gun. But with the help of a gun safe, you will always remember where you put your gun.


Purchasing a gun safe is an important and exciting decision that has benefits. Actually, skilled gun hobbyists learned that little investment like this, even though a couple gun safes are essential can create a big difference in precautionary safety from kids, accessibility, and most importantly for your own safety and security.

Either way, we hope this content gives you a better understanding of how to choose the best gun safe and why owning one is important. However, the abovementioned products are not the only options. You may possibly find a safe that is even better for your needs by simply doing your own market research.


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